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Generator Maintenance & Service

Welcome to Premier Generators, your one-stop solution for professional generator maintenance and generator maintenance service in Tennessee. With our customer-first approach, we specialize in offering comprehensive services for your home or commercial generators. Discover how our maintenance programs and services can protect your investment and ensure uninterrupted power.

Why Regular Generator Maintenance is Crucial

Generators, akin to other engines, demand regular maintenance to operate efficiently. A well-maintained generator not only ensures uninterrupted power supply but also significantly extends its lifespan. The generator maintenance agreement from Premier Generators focuses on a comprehensive preventative maintenance program. It’s designed to shield your investment and avert expensive malfunctions. Additionally, we offer specialized Generac generator maintenance service to ensure that your Generac units function seamlessly. While we hope your generator runs without hitches, our factory-certified technicians are always prepared to address any issues, reinforcing our commitment to generator repair in Tennessee. Routine maintenance can prevent costly malfunctions and ensure your generator operates efficiently, especially during those critical moments of a power outage.

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Annual Generator Maintenance Agreements with Premier Generators

We offer annual generator maintenance agreements that cover one scheduled maintenance service appointment per year. Regular check-ups can save you significant costs and prevent potential generator breakdowns. Our maintenance agreements cover one dedicated generator maintenance service appointment annually. Loyal customers who prepay their maintenance with Premier Generators within 60 days post generator installation reap the benefits of a 10% discount on maintenance, parts, and labor. However, it’s crucial to note that any service calls and related labor outside warranty coverage come at an additional cost. Though you can opt for a “Pay as You Go” system for your annual maintenance, discounts are exclusive to those on annual contract agreements.

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Maintenance Agreement and Extended Warranty

An extended warranty and a maintenance agreement serve different purposes but are both essential for protecting your investment. While an extended warranty covers service for broken parts or non-operational generators, a maintenance agreement focuses on preventative maintenance. This means that while your extended warranty may cover the cost of generator repair in Tennessee, a maintenance agreement saves you money on keeping your generator in top shape. Premier Generators stands as a beacon for professional generator service in Tennessee. With our combination of certified professionals, customer-centric approach, and profound knowledge of Generac generator maintenance service, we ensure your backup power systems are always ready to perform. From one-time services to comprehensive annual maintenance agreements, our services are designed to cater to the diverse needs of Tennessee residents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our annual generator maintenance service includes a comprehensive checklist, from checking the engine oil level to updating firmware and much more.

Contact us within 60 days after your generator installation in Tennessee to prepay and receive a 10% discount on maintenance, parts, and labor.

Yes, we provide certified service for all types of Generac generators.

While an extended warranty focuses on generator repair in Tennessee, a maintenance agreement is designed for preventative upkeep.

We provide professional generator service in Tennessee across various locations. Please contact us to confirm service availability in your area.

Call us at (931) 787-9107 or fill out our online form to schedule your generator maintenance service appointment.

A Word From Our Clients

Our esteemed clients in Tennessee and beyond vouch for our unmatched professional generator service Tennessee standards. Hear directly from them

Premier Generators of Tennessee is wonderful. Their service technicians are professional and courteous and always on time for their appointments. We are so glad having them service and maintain our generator.

John C.
John C.