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How Far Can a Standby Generator Be from the House?


A standby generator is one of the best ways to protect your home from a blackout. These are powerful pieces of equipment capable of helping you to keep the refrigerator running and your home’s electrical needs operational for a significant period of time. Placement matters, though.

How far can a standby generator be from the house? More so, what distance does the generator need to be from the house to ensure safety? To help you make the best decisions for your home, consider these tips.

How Far Can a Standby Generator Be to the House at the Maximum?

There’s no maximum distance it can be from the home – as long as the manufacturer’s installation methods are followed properly to ensure proper connectivity.

Ideally, you should place the generator as close to the electrical entry as possible without getting too close (within the building code range and manufacturer recommendations). Closer tends to be a bit better since it can help reduce the cost of infrastructure changes necessary. 

Standby Generator Distance from Panel Considerations

A standby generator is one of the most reliable options available, and it can provide a significant amount of power output. These kick in when there is a power outage, automatically supplying the energy your home needs to keep it running. This is done through a transfer switch. As far as the standby generator distance from the panel is concerned, there are a few things to consider.

Typically, it’s best to have a site survey completed to determine the ideal location so that the generator is close enough to the electrical panel to keep installation costs low and maximize the movement of energy to the home. The location of the main service utility line, as well as factors like meter location, electrical panel limitations, and even where the gas line is, can play a role in placement. 

With the right setup and professional installation, it is not difficult to position your generator in an area that works for your needs. As for how far can a standby generator be from the house, there’s no limit on distance, as long as you invest in the infrastructure to make it possible. Our recommendation is simple – choose a location that’s safe and close enough. The standby generator distance from panel rules set by the manufacturer should always be followed.

Learning Standby Generator Distance Requirements

Keep in mind that while you may be able to put the generator further from your home for extra cost, there are also standby generator distance requirements that must be met. That is, you cannot position it too close to your home.

The home’s standby generator needs to be close enough to provide connectivity to the electrical entry without being too close. Some factors to consider in terms of being too close include the following:

  • Local clearance codes: Most areas have specific codes related to where you can place a generator. These must be considered as the starting point before investing in a generator. The city and state rules may differ somewhat, so you’ll want to make sure you meet both expectations for safety and to reduce financial risks later.
  • Utility clearance codes: There are also specific clearance codes required based on your gas and power company’s rules. Before you purchase a generator or have one installed, contact your utility providers to ask about any specific concerns in these areas (location proximity to other utilities is a critical factor because of the dangers that may be exposed). 

Most suppliers require that you place the generator outdoors and ensure it is at least five feet from any doors, windows, ventilation ducks, or flammable material. You also want to check the manufacturer’s requirements for factors such as the type of foundation the generator must sit on. Typically, this may need to be on a concrete pad, for example. Some local codes also incorporate this requirement. 

Always read and fully understand the standby generator distance requirements set by the manufacturer. These tend to be the best indication of the ideal place based on the way your generator works. Following these tips can also help you to get the most out of the generator (and the best level of efficiency) as well. 

Professional Insights for Generator Distance Requirements 

Learning how far can a standby generator be from the house is not challenging, but there are a lot of factors to think about including the ideal location for maximum energy use and efficiency with all of the building codes and manufacturer guidelines met. By working with a professional for the installation you can be sure the standby generator distance from the panel is exactly right and not have to worry about it going forward. Contact Premier Generators today for help with selecting and installing the ideal standby generator for your home.